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Here at Guard Industry we have a team of chemical scientists working to ensure that our products are the leaders in the market.

This ensures that we are at the forefront of our industry.

Our patents are proof of this, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.

Guard Industry Sealers have insurance backed warranty


Guard Industry's expertise in oil and water repellency allows us to provide a ten year worldwide guarantee.

This guarantee is covered by AXA Insurance, that is a service that is not matched by any of our competitors.

This guarantee is valid only for those ProtectGuard applications made by an approved building professional.

Guard Industry ensure all their employees, distributors and applicators are properly trained


At Guard Industry, we understand that our distributors and applicators are at the front line of our business.

We thus treat them as full time employees by providing them with the requisite training that enables them to help you better understand how our products are different and a cut above the rest.

We are available for any queries, questions, technical info or basic support.

Guard Industry Provides Global Technical Support


Guard Industry is a family business and has expanded across 60 countries while keeping the family ethos and work environment intact.

The level of support and assistance is second to none, with 30 years experience and having worked on some of the most iconic projects in the world, Guard Industry will leave no stone unturned to assist with any queries.

There are no sign up costs, no ongoing costs and no fees.

Guard Products are Respect the Environment and Materials


Building, constructing, renovating, maintaining and cleaning all have impact on the environment. The products used are often harsh and aggressive.

At Guard Industry we have long been committed to sustainable development therefore our products are developed to rigorous specifications in terms of environmental friendliness. This is evident in our received awards. (some products are 100% bio degradable).

By supplying Guard Industry products you are supplying products that are safer not only on the environment but also the user.

Guard Industry is a proud GRCA Member
Respectful of the environment
10 year Sealer Guarantee

Why Guard?
Because our cleaners are Safe, Quick, and give an Effective Clean! 
When it comes to dirt and stains on various surfaces, our range of cleaners will take care of them.  
That’s because our products:

Clean Quickly and Effectively

GuardWash® Express is especially designed to quickly and deeply remove dirt on your roof caused by humidity, pollution, and other residue, as well as grey discolouration from wood.

It’s self-cleaning so you don’t need to rinse it - simply leave it for less than an hour and you’re good to go.

Or if you want to remove all residue, wait for 45 minutes before rinsing. 

Are Safe for You and the Environment

Guard Industry® cleaners are safe for you and the environment.

That’s because they are biodegradable, have low VOC content, and don’t contain harmful components such as soda and potash.

Now you can clean your home, office, or facility as often as you want without any harmful impact on the environment.

Handle Tough Dirt and Residue

Our products have you covered from your roof to your floor!

Use GuardWash® Express to remove dirt and stains from floor to roof, or GuardRemover®Eco Efflo-rescence & Cement to strip cement, efflorescence, and tartar deposits on tiles and other surfaces.

Finally, there’s GuardCleaner® Eco Soiled Floors that handles stains and dirt on a wide range of floor materials.

Are Ideal for Multiple Applications

We have something for all of your cleaning needs.

Choose among our diverse catalogue of high-grade wall cleaners, driveway cleaners, and paving cleaners. We also stock many options for quality outdoor cleaners and concrete cleaners.

Need specialised cleaning? We have luxury stone cleaners for surfaces that require that extra luxe touch!

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