Guard Industry


Guard Industry has an innovative range of products dedicated to professional builders and tradespeople. Our products work as hard as you do.

An innovative range dedicated to professionals made of anti parasitic vegetation, cleaners, waterproofing, oil and water repellents, anti-graffiti protection, non-slip treatments, decorative concrete…

Real references in the construction sector, our products are synonyms of efficiency and durability. If you are a construction professional, we have a solution for your projects.


With our four product categories, we can offer a complete range of solutions for protecting, decorating, consolidating and cleaning materials. The categories are easy-to-identify with a simple colour code for each type of use.

UV stable sealers with hydrohpobic properties to protect against water and other stains
Eco-friendly products that are safe for your tradies, the home owner and their pets!
Be confident that the you'll deliver a finished product that will stay looking great for years to come!
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