Guard Industry

Mineral Silicate Stain Project

Guard Industry ImperGuard Color Project – Prahran/ Flemington Guard Industry’s first two silicate stain projects in Australia are nearing completion. Two stunning housing project apartment buildings delivered by Icon Co stand tall in Flemington and Prahran. Both Projects totalling 25,000m2 of colour showcasing very different architectural designs. Flemington has it’s 5 stand out bold colours …

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Mineral Paints

ProtectGuard Color – Breathable – Mineral Paints A complete range dedicated to the aesthetics & protection of concrete facades Drawing from our 30-years experience in concrete aesthetics and protection, we have developed ProtectGuard® Color, a range of mineral paint concrete stains that combine protective properties with inorganic pigments for tinted protection of materials. ProtectGuard® Color …

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Stone Sealer Range Explained

At Guard Industry we have the right sealer for your stone. It may seem like we have a lot of sealers, and at first glance they all look similar. I promise you that they are not. To start with we have 3 main trademarked names for our stone sealing products – ImperGuard®, ProtectGuard® & GuardHardener®. …

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