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Biodegradable Concrete Remover and Degreaser

GTR Premium Biodegradable Concrete RemoverGTR® Premium is the next generation concrete remover. It has been specifically designed to meet strict company OH&S policies. It’s highly effective at removing concrete, cement residues and demoulding oils. It’s the simplest biodegradable concrete remover and degreaser for ready mix concrete plant equipment. Ideal for the maintenance of formwork, concrete skips, props, concrete mixers, wooden mould boxes, concrete trucks and more.

GTR® Premium Biodegradable concrete remover works to soften and destabilise the cement in concrete. It will soak into the concrete, softening it and causing it to blister away from the underlying structure. Once the cement has broken down, concrete residuals can be simply wiped off the surface!

Since GTR® Premium is biodegradable residuals can be safely discharged in accordance with local regulations. Or better yet, wash water can be reused within the plant for other industrial applications.


GTR Premium Logo biodegradable concrete removerGTR® Premium Concrete Remover Properties

  • GTR® Premium is highly effective at removing concrete and cement residues. Plus storage and demoulding oils.
  • GTR® Premium is far less aggressive than other products on the market. These are typically based on citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.
  • GTR®  Premium can be applied to all substrates with no major impact. It is safe to use on metal, glass, rubber, paints and more. And it won’t damage your spray guns.
  • GTR® Premium has been designed to meet the varying requirements of applicators. It is effective, safe to use and is much better for the  on the environment.

How to Use Concrete Remover

Coverage depends on the thickness of residue. Thicker deposits may require more than one application. As a guide usage rates are typically 6 to 8 m ² / kg.

  1. Use a standard low pressure garden spray bottle.
  2. Spray the concrete remover on uniformly.
  3. Repeat step 2 for thicker deposits.
  4. Leave the product to work 30-40 minutes for cement residues and 1-12 hours for concrete.
  5. Rinse the treated area with high pressure water.

Videos and References

Thick built up concrete is no problem for GTR® Premium. Use multiple applications to properly saturate the concrete, then wash it all away!

Apply GTR® Premium concrete remover to any surface for fast and effective cleaning. Concrete will blister and come away easily. When done right you can simply wipe it off with your finger!

Apply GTR® Premium concrete remover to any surface for fast and effective cleaning. Concrete will blister and come away easily. When done right you can simply wipe it off with your finger!

Environmental – Combining Chemistry and Ecology

Our main concern, at Guard Industry, is to respect both building materials and the environment. Through our extensive research and development we have created a range of products that provide outstanding performance and value, without harming the environment. We are aware of the significant environmental issues the world is facing. All our products are formulated according to strict ecological specifications and guidelines. Wherever possible we use biodegradable components, which are non-toxic and the best available options from an environmental perspective. Most of our products are water based, solvent-free and respect strict environmental protection specifications. 

GTR® Premium is ecological and respects the environment:

  • No hydrochloric, phosphoric or sulphuric acid.
  • Non toxic.
  • VOCs < 1 g/L*.
  • More than 95% biodegradable after 28 days*.
  • NO CMRs (substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) such as methoxyacetic acid.

Demonstrations and Purchasing

Are you ready to make the change to a safer, more environmentally responsible and caring for your plant and machinery? We are happy to give free demonstrations to large clients. If you’re looking to make the switch we would love to hear from you.

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