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Frequently Asked Questions About Guard Industry Sealers & Cleaners

What is the Best Concrete Benchtop Sealer?

For a completely raw look – ProtectGuard MG. It’s a full penetrating stone sealer which will not alter the appearance or texture of materials to which it is applied. It has excellent stain resistant properties. It will repel water, oil, grease, weak acids like most juice and wine, and most common household stains. This is a premium sealer that sits right at the top of the ProtectGuard range. Please Note: stronger acids like strong vinegars and lemon juice may still etch the concrete.

For improved wear and acid resistance – ProtectGuard® Plant-Based Formula. It’s a high performance sealer which is made from renewable biosourced materials. It repels water, oil and stains, providing outstanding protection for porous building materials. It provides exceptional protection against stains and most household chemicals, including acids and acid etching. Due to the semi topical nature of ProtectGuard Plant Based it will be slightly visible with a small amount of colour enhancement.

What is the Best Sealer to Stop Moisture Seeping Through a Single Brick Wall?

ProtectGuard. It is a completely natural looking sealer which repels water, oils and more. It has a 10-year insurance backed warranty, but there are applications in Europe where applications of this product are still working perfectly after more than 20 years.

ImperGuard and ImperGuard Ultra 4 in 1 will do the job just as well, but they have a shorter service life of around 5 years.

If you have sections of wall that stay damp for extended periods ImperGuard Ultra may be the best overall solution. Not only will it stop water soaking in, it also contains antimicrobial and self cleaning additives to actively prevent mold and mildew growth. It is also easy to reapply.

Can Guard Industry Sealers be used on Painted Surfaces?

No. All our sealers are penetrating sealers and can only be applied to porous materials. They must be able to soak into the material to which they are applied. 

Rejuvenate is the only exception, but it’s primary purpose is as a colour restorer to faded materials, not as a sealer or waterproofer.

Can Guard Industry Sealers be Applied Over Existing Sealers / Coatings?

No. If existing coatings are present they will need to be stripped off, as they will prevent our sealers from soaking into the surface.

To test if an area requires stripping put water all over the surface and see if it wets out. If the whole area darkens, and does so evenly, then the surface is porous and stripping should not be required.

What is the Best Sealer to Use on Marble?

Marble has extremely small pores which most sealers struggle to get into properly. ProtectGuard® MG is a deep penetrating natural look sealer that soaks into even the most dense forms of crystalised marble. It repels water, oils, and stains and more resistant to acid etching than other penetrating sealers. See this independent review comparing ProtectGuard® MG to other marble sealers on the market.

For very high acid resistance on tumbled or non crystalised marble, ProtectGuard® Plant Based is a very good option. It repels pretty much everything and is not damaged by most common household cleaning chemicals.

Can I Seal Marble Myself?

Sealing Marble with ProtectGuard® MG is very easy. Simply apply enough product to saturate the marble. brush the product around on the surface to allow the stone to soak up as much product as it wants. then after 10-15 minutes wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.

ProtectGuard® MG does not repel itself, so you can reapply at any time in the future.

Does Marble Need to be Sealed?

Yes. Marble is a very dense stone but it is still porous. It will absorb liquids and stains if not properly sealed. As it is a lime based material it is also highly susceptible to attack from acids such as vinegars and lemon juice.

ProtectGuard® MG is an easy to use penetrating marble sealer which repels water, oils, stains and provides some level of acid resistance.

For the ultimate in acid resistance consider ProtectGuard® Plant Based

How Long Does Marble Sealer Last?

ProtectGuard® MG Marble & Granite Sealer has a service life of 10 years plus. However, it does not repel itself so it can be reapplied at any time to top up your protection.

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