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Defining the problem is essential to finding suitable products to apply. Lichens, moisture, laitances, rising damp, crumbling, soiling… For each problem, Guard Industry offers a twostep solution to clean and protect or treat your surfaces.
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Once you have identified the issue, find the cleaner and treatment product to suit your issue and material.

Guard Industrie solutions





My floor is dirty.
I want to eliminate soiling and protect my floor with an invisible finish.
I have cement residues after tile laying.
I want to eliminate these residues and protect my floor with a wet finish.
I have grease marks on my floor.
I want to clean and protect my floor with an invisible finish.

My wall is crumbling and
has marks of efflorescences
(white marks).
I want to clean and
consolidate my wall.

The surrounding area of
my pool is slippery.
I want to make it non-slip.

Lichens invade my roof.
I want to eliminate them and
stop them from recurring.

My facade is dirty.
I want to refurbish and
protect my facade

Table above shows a non exhaustive list of issues and solutions. For each issue, read the technical data sheets available on our website.

01 / CLEAN

Choose from our range of cleaners and strippers that effectively remove all types of soiling, stains, grease, efflorescence, cement residue, lichen, moss and algae. Our products are environmentally friendly, so they’re tough on stains but not on the planet. Contact us today for special orders.


Protect a variety of surfaces with our water-based penetrating sealers. Select from our water-repellent products that are ideal for exterior walls and roofs, water and stain repellent solution that’s perfect for high-traffic areas, and sealers that protect against graffiti. Find out the ideal solution for you by contacting us today

03 / TREAT

Our range of eco-friendly and easy-to-use treatment solutions includes Anti-Slip that doesn’t require grinding or acid, and GuardHardener that hardens and prevents further damage on brittle façades and other surfaces. Please contact us today for special orders.

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