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ProtectGuard Color - Breathable - Mineral Paints

A complete range dedicated to the aesthetics & protection of concrete facades

Drawing from our 30-years experience in concrete aesthetics and protection, we have developed ProtectGuard® Color, a range of mineral paint concrete stains that combine protective properties with inorganic pigments for tinted protection of materials.

ProtectGuard® Color products colour the concrete’s skin whilst at the same time retaining the mineral look of the treated surface. They also protect against water, oil and even graffiti to preserve the beauty of the structure.

This post will have a quick rundown of the mineral paints and links to brochures, technical data and videos. 

ProtectGuard® color mineral paints protect from water, oil and even graffiti.  Treated structures become impermeable and repel water. Our mineral paints thus limit the harmful effects of moisture (erosion, efflorescence or surface salts, micro-organisms, freeze-thaw cycles…) They also stop greasy stains penetrating and retard the return of grime. Buildings are easier to maintain.

ProtectGuard® color mineral paints:

• Preserve the concrete’s mineral character
• Allow the substrate to breathe
• Protect against water and oil
• Protect against stains and pollution
• has Anti-graffiti properties

ProtectGuard® Color mineral paints give a new aesthetic dimension to projects. They’re a decoration product, which colour whilst at the same time retaining the mineral look of the treated surface. They are also used to homogenize the aesthetics of concrete.

The extremely wide range of choices (colour, opacity, finish) makes it possible to obtain a unique and infinitely customisable look.

With ProtectGuard® Color products, creativity is without limits. You choose the colour, the finish and the opacity and obtain a unique and infinitely customisable finish.

ProtectGuard® Color products comprise 42 standard colours and 32 high jewellery colours available in many finishes:  matt, glossy, metallic, iridescent, pearlescent or luminescent.

A standard colour is available in three opacities: 10%, 50% or 100%.

Guard Industrie helps clients and applicators to define the best colour according to the project.  Depending on the particular requirements of the client or site, Guard Industrie is able to create any opacity and custom-made colour.

Brochures & Video:

ProtectGuard® Colour Brochure
Inspirations Facades Booklet
Technical Specifications
Application Video

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