Guard Industry

Guard Industry ImperGuard Color Project - Prahran/ Flemington

Guard Industry’s first two silicate stain projects in Australia are nearing completion. Two stunning housing project apartment buildings delivered by Icon Co stand tall in Flemington and Prahran. Both Projects totalling 25,000m2 of colour showcasing very different architectural designs.

Flemington has it’s 5 stand out bold colours and Prahran with its paired back pastel tones with 13 different colour variations. ImperGuard Color was chosen not only for its natural colouring and protection but for its long-life colourfast warranty of 25 years, unmatched in the market. 

The translucent nature of Guard Industry ImperGuard Color mineral stain product is inline with the architects design intent and town planning requirements. The product protects and tones down blemishes and defects, creating a more uniform finish, whilst allowing concrete to retain its natural appearance, character, and surface textures.

The colours of the precast facades used at Prahran are derived from the surrounding context with the reds, ochres and, green tones designed to sit in harmony and to belong in the neighbouring buildings and landscape.  Each of the colours (red, ochre & green) has three tones within them to deliver a highly nuanced and varied facade pattern and colouration.

The colours used at Flemington were also chosen to work with the local environment. Not only was ImperGuard Color used to colour the precast facades but also used on some aboriginal stencilled artwork around the 5 building entrances.

The mineral silicon stain allows for easier maintenance as the product is not a surface paint but binds with the concrete in a chemical process.  When painted onto render, bagging, concrete, bricks, sandstone or other unpainted masonry surfaces, Mineral Silicate Stain soaks into the surface and chemically bonds with the substrate, forming a bond known as “silification”.

The product dries to a natural finish that is breathable and mildew resistant and it delivers a high resistance to weathering and protection from atmospheric pollutants.

Guard Industry are backing their product with a 25 year colourfast warranty, where its local competitors don’t provide a colour warranty at all. This provides Icon with the comfort this product meets the projects requirements.

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