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Deep penetrating hardener & consolidating sealer
Actively repels water, oils and stains

Guard Hardener WO 10 year consolidating sealer

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Guard Hardener® WO – Deep Consolidating Sealer


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Guard Hardener® WO Logo

Deep penetrating hardener & consolidating sealer
Actively repels water, oils and stains

Guard Hardener WO 10 year consolidating sealer

  • Free Shipping within Australia on All Orders.
  • All Prices Include GST.

Guard Hardener® WO – Deep Consolidating Sealer


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✓ All Orders Fulfilled from Australian Stock
✓ All Prices Include GST
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Pool Paving Sealer

Guard Hardener® WO – Hardening and Consolidating Sealer

Guard Hardener® WO is more than just a sealer. Not only does it produce exceptional water and oil repellency like other products in the ProtectGuard range. It also hardens and consolidates materials providing increased protection against chemical attack and physical abrasion.

These combination of attributes makes it an ideal treatment for all porous materials that are exposed to harsh conditions. It is perfect for protecting paving around swimming pools, restoring and protecting old stone monuments and for fixing materials that already have visible signs of erosion. 


Guard Hardener® WO : One Product with two Critical Functions:

1. Crystallising, Consolidating and Hardening Treatment 

Guard Hardener® WO consolidates inorganic, porous, friable materials. It is ideal for restoring old monuments, fountains, fascades, statues or any stone or masonry that is showing signs of physical erosion.

Porous materials are susceptable to deterioration from a number of naturally occuring processes:

Eroded Stone Wall

  • Freeze/thaw cycles,
  • Etching and attack from acid rain,
  • Damage due to salts (crystallisation, hydration and hygroscopy),
  • Microcracking from thermal expansion and contraction of the material,
  • Modification of the structure of limestone carbonate under the action of CO2-containing water,
  • Colonisation of pore structures by organic organisms (algae, moss, lichen etc.),
  • Damage from aggresive cleaning and/or graffiti removal chemicals

If left unchecked, degredation will not only continue, but will quickly accelerate. This is because every crack, crevice, and defect creates an opening where these processes can begin to attack deeper and deeper into the substrate.

Guard Hardener® WO penetrates deep into the substrate, replaces lost minerals and rebuilds the mineral crystalline structures destroyed by these processes. This restores the mechanical properties of the material, so that structurally the material is as good as new (or even better).

2. Water and Oil Repellent Sealer

ProtectGuard is water and oil repellent with a strong beading effect

Guard Hardener® WO also has exceptional water and oil repellent properties. These provide lasting protection for all porous materials against penetration by water, oil and stains of all kinds. By actively repelling liquids and stains Guard Hardener® WO is able to eliminate many of the contaminants that cause degradation of porous materials. This not only prevents staining to keep them looking good. It also protects them.

Guard Hardener® WO slows the aging of substrates, makes maintenance a breeze and keeps out the main causes of deterioration such as pollution, grease, soiling, water intrusion, moss, algae etc

Guard Hardener® WO will actively repel contaminants for 10 years. The remineralising effects are permanent and will continue to provide ongoing protection once the repellency effects disapate. At this time we highly recommend a new application of product to protect the materials for another 10 years.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 29 cm

Natural Finish


Guard Industry


5 Litre


Eco-Solvent Based

Surface Area

Floor, Indoor, Outdoor, Roof, Wall




  • Increases the life of materials
  • Hardens and consolidates materials.
  • High penetration and abrasion resistant.
  • “Anti-dusting” action.
  • Colourless
  • Stain, dirt and adhesive resistant: prevents penetration by water and greasy liquids.
  • Limits efflorescence.
  • 10 year performance
  • Non-film-forming – allows substrate to breathe.
  • Excellent ageing, UV-resistant, does not yellow.

Tools Required

  • Apply using a low pressure sprayer (with Viton seals),  a roller or a brush.



Preparing the material:

  • Apply the product to a surface that is clean, dust-free, grease-free and above all dry.
  • Mechanical cleaning with a brush or pressure cleaner and/or chemical cleaning may be required to properly clean the surface prior to application.
  • To remove grease stains and traces of pollution use Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors. For efflorescence, laitance or grout film use Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement. To remove Moss and lichens use Guard® Anti-M 24.
  • Rinse carefully until the surface is free of any trace of cleaners.
  • For new concrete allow substrate to stabilise for at least 28 days prior to treatment.


  • Use the product in its pure form: do not dilute it.
  • Shake the packaging well before use and perform a preliminary test to check that the product has correctly penetrated and the appearance after drying.
  • The material must be impregnated up to saturation in two coats with at least 10 minutes between coats.
  • Protected drying: 24 hours.
  • Optimum efficiency reached after 7 days.
  • The treated surface must not be covered with any other types of coating.


  • Porous materials: natural or reconstituted stone, concrete, terracotta, bricks, etc.
  • Floors, facades, roofs and walls.
  • New or old
  • Internal or external
  • Recommended for pool surround areas, and any materials exposed to salt water or high erosion environments
  • Not recommended for very low porosity materials, unless they are already salt damaged. Use ProtectGuard MG instead.

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Easy to apply and soaked deep into my sandstone pavers. It's toughened up the sections that were crumbling near the pool edge and water just beads off now.


Sealed up my sandstone pool pavers really well and has hardened up the bullnosing too. crumbling sections seem to be stabilised now. Good product. Worth the money.

Johan Booyse

This product changed the colour of the white concrete slabs from white to grey