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ProtectGuard HD – Heavy Duty Natural Look Sealer


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ProtectGuard HD – Heavy Duty Natural Look Sealer


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✓ All Orders Fulfilled from Australian Stock
✓ All Prices Include GST
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ProtectGuard® HD – Heavy Duty Sealer

ProtectGuard HD Heavy Duty Granite Sealer Olympic Park Beijing Project ReferenceProtectGuard® HD heavy duty natural look sealer is the product of choice for all those heavy duty sealing applications where you want to preserve the natural beauty of your materials. It has all the water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-soiling properties of ProtectGuard but has been specifically designed to have a very high abrasion resistance. This makes it able to withstand high traffic and high soiling loads. As such it is perfect for floors with lots of pedestrian traffic, like footpaths, malls and entertaining areas. It is also suitable for factory floors, parking areas and driveways.

non slip heavy duty sealerProtectGuard® HD is a natural look sealer that will not alter the natural look or texture of the materials being sealed. This also means that it will not alter the natural grip of the flooring materials. This is particularly important in pedestrian applications where slip hazards need to be eliminated. This fact, coupled with its durability make it an excellent choice for sealing paving around swimming pools.

ProtectGuard HD Heavy Duty Paving Sealer Tian An Men Square Beijing Project Reference

ProtectGuard® HD acts against the main causes of degradation, such as atmospheric pollution, greasy soiling, water seepage, acid rain, chewing gum and general dirt and grime. It prevents these contaminants from soaking into the surface and therefore prevents permanent staining. Spills and stains can then easily be cleaned off the surface during regular maintenance cleaning.

ProtectGuard® HD heavy duty sealer is tried and proven.  It has been competitively selected for projects all over the world. Some examples include Tian An Men Square and the Beijing National Stadium in China, the Louis Vuitton Foundation Building in Paris, and the pavement around Whitehall in London. Further, it has a 10 year, AXA insurance backed guarantee for use in high traffic flooring applications.

ProtectGuard® HD is an Environmentally Friendly Eco Sealer

At Guard Industry we pride ourselves on providing high performance products which are not harmful to people or the environment. All our products have been developed with the goal of zero environmental impact. ProtectGuard® HD is tough on stains but gentle on the environment. It is safe for applicators, end users and the environment. This eco sealer is:

water based sealers

  • Non Hazardous & Non Toxic
  • Silicone & Solvent Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Water Based
  • VOC <1 g/l

ProtectGuard® HD is a Natural Look, Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating

ProtectGuard® HD even repels graffiti! It prevents paint and ink from getting into the pores of treated surfaces. These can then be easily removed with GraffiGuard 2030 Eco without damaging the sealer. This eco graffiti remover can be used safely with both ProtectGuard® and ProtectGuard® HD. This is a very safe and effective means of controlling and managing graffiti.

Most anti graffiti coatings will change the appearance of the surface. Such coatings detract from the raw beauty of natural materials. Using ProtectGuard®, ProtectGuard® HD or ProtectGuard® MG is a safe and effective way to retain that beauty while also providing protection against nuisance graffiti.

ProtectGuard® HD is Easy to Use

ProtectGuard® HD is a safe water based product. It is applied in an easy one coat application with either a low pressure garden sprayer, roller or a brush. We recommend using a garden sprayer with a nice even mist like spray.

Apply one coat to the point of saturation. Then walk away! Don’t over apply. You just need enough product to achieve a wet film that persists for a minute or so. Protect the surface for 24 hours. Best performance achieved after 7 days. Clean-up any equipment with water and reuse on your next job.

Is ProtectGuard® HD Right for You?

ProtectGuard® HD will provide excellent protection on medium to low porosity materials. It is suitable for use on a wide range of products and surfaces. Some suitable materials include:

  • Concrete
  • Terracotta
  • Bluestone
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Synthetic & Reconstituted Stone
  • Non crystallised Marble

How Much ProtectGuard® HD Do You Need?

You need to apply one coat to the point of satuaration. Therefore, how much sealer you need will vary depending on the porosity of the materials to which it is applied. Application rates in the table below are only to be used as a rough guide:

Concrete5 m2/L
Reconstituted Stone6 m2/L
Terracotta7 m2/L
Non Crystallised Marble10 m2/L
Granite12 m2/L

ProtectGuard Porosity Test Selection ChartWe always recommend performing a water droplet test on your materials to help with material selection. The test is easy to do. Simply put a drop of water on the material and see how long it takes to soak into the surface. Then compare to the chart to see which products are suitable.

ProtectGuard® HD may not be suitable or cost effective for very porous materials or very low porosity materials. For very porous materials consider ProtectGuard®. For very low porosity materials ProtectGuard® MG may be required. If you are after a colour enhanced appearance (how your materials look when damp) then ProtectGuard® WF Premium is the product for you!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Natural Finish


Water Based

Protection Type

Anti Graffiti, Oil Repellent, Stain Repellent, Water Repellent


1 Litre, 20 Litre, 5 Litre

Surface Area

Floor, Indoor, Outdoor, Roof, Wall

Surface Type

Dense Low Porous Surface (bluestone, granite, engineered stone etc)


  • Protects against water, oil , stains and graffiti
  • Does not form a film, lets the material breath
  • Odourless and invisible: does not change the colour
  • UV and frost resistant
  • Slows down ageing and makes maintenance easier


  • Porous materials: natural or reconstituted stone, concrete, terracotta, coating, etc.
  • Floors and facades
  • New or old
  • Internal or external
  • Recommended for patios, drives, pool surround areas, walls, gables, tiling joints, etc.


Preparing the material:


  • Use the product in its pure form: do not dilute it.
  • Shake the packaging well before use and carry out a preliminary test.
  • The material must be impregnated up to saturation in a single coat or two coats”wet on wet”.
  • Do not overload the material, remove any excess before drying.
  • On vertical materials, apply from bottom to top
  • Protected drying: 24 hours.
  • Optimal efficiency reached after 7 days.

Tools Required

  • Low pressure sprayer, roller or brush

Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Specs

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bertie San
ProtectGuard HD sealer

Very easy and quick to use. I applied one coat with a paint roller on my travertine pool deck. The product, which is very liquid and not viscous, was absorbed quickly with no ponding. My pool deck is about 80 sqm. By the time I finished the last few tiles, the entire deck looked mostly dry and natural, with no evidence of the sealer visible and no change in colour. Proof of the pudding, after rain, the water beaded on the tiles. Looks like it works!


Can't wait to try it

Mont'e Carlo

Happy with Delivery time and the product.


It’s a fantastic product I sprayed it on as I found it a lot easier than with a roller


Bloody great product!