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Amazing product transformed our bluestone pavers

Our bluestone pavers always looked a mess. This was so easy to apply and has completely transformed them. Recommend!

Great Product

Used yesterday on a bakers stand & am please with the result on that! I have bought the product to use on all my solars lights in the garden. Hoping to get to them over the next few weeks, will let u know how it goes with them!

Great Product

Suspicious that it would do as stated. But, after ordering and applying product, waiting a few days, I can certainly give it the thumbs up. Has done a great job of my companies colourboand window frames. Look like new. Once cured, it seems like it will last for some time.
Highly recommend!

Does what it says on the box

This product help me restore a mechanically sound but very sun damaged car. I was amazed by the way it took faded black components back to an almost new appearance. It exceeded my expectations by returning a bonnet with damaged clearcoat to a more than passable appearance.

As the maker says, appearance improves after a week and a month later it’s still looking good, unlike surfaces treated with popular over-the-counter restorers. I’m looking forward to giving the car a second coat.

I would recommend using gloves and throwing away, the rag used for the product after application. The remains form a stiff crust which probably makes the cloth unusable again and possibly a micro plastic generator if washed. Please advise me if I’m wrong about this.

Overall, I’m very satisfied and will buy it again.


I’m thrilled with the outcome of using this product! Highly recommend it!!

Excellent - it does what it promises

I had a couple of powder-coated surfaces around the house that were starting to look faded/hazy applied the Multi-Surface Restorer and they immediately looked almost like new and fresh - no more haze - great product that does what it promises.

Rejuvinate Colourbond

Great product, revived 20yr old Colourbond sheeting on front of house and bought dull faded windows back. Have enough product to do entire house. Very good product.

Gave my kitchen a makeover

Used on my kitchen counter and cabinets which are dark coloured but a bit faded came up really nice

Nice surprise for a product to do what it claims it will do

I bought this specifically for my faded, flat exterior window and sliding door frames and it has brought them back to dark and glossy. Like they promised, a little goes a long way.

Seeing is Believing!

Works as described….great product!

Great product

This product delivers. I used it on my car and a three panel, Biowood seamless garage door . Provided good coverage with a lasting durability.

What a transformation

I can’t believe just how great this product is, was a bit uncertain till I tried it on our window frames and boy what a difference, as you’ll see in the photo. The surface of the frame is also smoother I’ve noticed, will be recommending this product to friends and family and to whoever else will listen.


After using endless detailing products, silicones, grapene coatings, polymer spray coatings, rejuvenate is the best product by far. Highly recommend this product for car detailing and restoring the appearance of any hard painted surface, chrome or plastics.


I got Rejuvenate to polish up my balcony and it worked so well on the 30 year old color bond i has been putting it on window frames and doors it is easy to put on and goes a very long way just an amazing product

Excellent product

I used it to rejuvenate the plastic on my car that was pretty faded after 12 years. It was quick and easy to use and I’m thrilled with the results. Highly recommended

GuardAnti-M24 stone bio-cleaner

After sweeping my travertine deck clean of loose debris and vegetation, I applied the cleaning solution using a pump-up garden spray bottle. The application was easy. I applied the cleaner with even strokes of the wand with the nozzle set to a medium spray. It was a warm day and in 2 to 3 hours, the deck was dry. Looking forward to see if it will keep the moss and algae away.

ProtectGuard HD sealer

Very easy and quick to use. I applied one coat with a paint roller on my travertine pool deck. The product, which is very liquid and not viscous, was absorbed quickly with no ponding. My pool deck is about 80 sqm. By the time I finished the last few tiles, the entire deck looked mostly dry and natural, with no evidence of the sealer visible and no change in colour. Proof of the pudding, after rain, the water beaded on the tiles. Looks like it works!

Window Frames

Faded window frames have come up a treat.
Will use this again .

Rejuvenate Multi Surface Restorer
Versatile product

We commercially use this product in the automotive industry to restore painted surfaces and dull plastic surfaces. Works great.


Very happy with the Rejuvenate. Bought it to do a section of my van which is more exposed to the sun while in storage. It has done a really good job in bringing the lustre back into the gel coat.

Tried just about every product on the market to shin up the plastic on my cars tried Rejuvenate instant results love it see how long it last's

Truly Amazing

I bought the rejuvenate restorer to use on vinyl guard flares and bumpers on our cars at home. The results were truly amazing as in the advertisement. The results are better than I expected and the product arrived really quickly. Can’t fault Guard Industries.

Brilliant product

I was about to have my metal slat fence repainted when I came across this product . There were significant patches of discolouration which made it look unsightly . I had been looking for months for something and had just about given up .
It was easy to use and the result.. looks like a new fence . Very happy .
Highly recommended.

It works

We found the product to work well on our powder coated fence, it made a huge difference to the colour.

Great Product

I was a bit dubious at first but this product really works.

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