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Guard Wash® Express Outdoor Cleaner

Guard Wash Express Footpath Before and After With time, porous outdoor surfaces like concrete, stone, roof tiles and render accumulate dirt, grime, mould and algae. Such contamination is unsightly, unhealthy and will accelerate erosion of these materials. Guard Wash® Express is a powerful, concentrated outdoor cleaner which eliminates organic contamination and dirt and grime from porous materials. It is formulated with powerful active ingredients that provide fast and thorough cleaning of all kinds of porous building materials.

Guard Wash Express Render Cleaner

Guard Wash® Express is an excellent concrete cleaner. It will remove tannin from leaf litter, tree sap and other sources. It will kill and remove mould, moss and algae. It contains surfactants and detergents that will lift, loosen and remove general dirt and grime.

Return your outdoor surfaces to what they looked like when new. This product is suitable for all types of porous external materials including, concrete, paving, stone, brick, render, tiles & grout and more!

For general purpose outdoor cleaning Guard Wash® Express may be the only product you will need.

Powerful Outdoor Cleaner for Delicate Materials

High pressure cleaning is the go to cleaning method for outdoor areas However, many materials are easily damaged by high pressure cleaning. Guard Wash® Express can clean such materials without the need for pressure washing. This makes it the ideal outdoor cleaner for timber, render, soft natural stone, painted surfaces, fibre cement cladding and more.

Guard Wash® Express is a Powerful Disinfectant

A surface isn’t really clean if it’s covered in germs, bacteria and viruses. Guard Wash® Express is a concentrated disinfectant that effectively kills viruses, germs and bacteria, even when diluted up to 100 times! As such it is a great option for disinfecting surfaces around your home or business.

Guard Wash® Express is a Concentrated Cleaner that Provides Excellent Value for Money

This cleaning product can be used neat for extremely dirty surfaces. However, for most cleaning applications the product can be diluted 1:2 with water and still be highly effective. For disinfection of low porous surfaces dilution rates of up to 100 times are possible.

Dilution recommendations:

Dirty surface1 L of product to 2 L water5L treats up to 90 m2
Very dirty surface1 L of product to 1 L water5L treats up to 60 m2
Extremely dirty surfaceUndiluted product5L treats up to 30 m2
General Purpose Disinfectant10mL (one cap full) of product to 1L of water5L treats up to 3,000m2

Easy to Use – No Rinse Outdoor Cleaner

Guard Wash® Express cleans contaminated surfaces without the need for rinsing.  Thanks to the self-cleaning, quick and powerful action of Guard Wash® Express, the original appearance of materials is restored in less than an hour with no deterioration to their colour or mechanical properties. To remove all residue however, rinsing can be carried out 45 minutes after applying the product.

Other Cleaning Products You Might Need

While Guard Wash® Express is a great general purpose outdoor cleaner, concrete cleaner and disinfectant, but there are instances where you might need a little extra.

For oil and grease stains use Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors concrete cleaner. It’s environmentally friendly and will remove oils and grease without the need for harsh caustic based chemicals. It’s Food Safe too, so you can use as a general purpose cleaner in food prep areas.

For efflorescence or cement and mineral based stains use Guard Remover® Eco – Efflorescence and Cement. It is a safe, eco, user friendly alternative to harsh acid based cleaners. It will remove mineral stains without damage to the materials being cleaned. It’s a great way to safely clean mortar from brickwork and grout residues from tiles. Is also recommended for prep cleaning prior to sealing for most of the Guard Industry Sealers.

Apply a Good Quality Sealer to Make Cleaning and Maintenance Easy

Once your surfaces are nice and clean it pays to seal them to protect against further weathering. Use ImperGuard for excellent water repellency to inhibit the growth of moulds or algae. Use ProtectGuard to protect against water, oils, moss, algae and other types of staining.

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  • Ultra rapid express action
  • Concentrated
  • Self-cleaning, no rinsing required
  • Multi-purpose, can be used on all surfaces and materials
  • Does not change the surface


  • All types of materials: natural or reconstituted stone, rendering and plaster, concrete, terracotta, tiling, wood, etc.
  • Floors, facades and roofs
  • External
  • Recommended for patios, driveways, fencing, gables, roofs, etc.



  • Guard Wash® Express is a concentrated product: Dilute 1 part product to 2 parts water for normal cleaning. For more challenging cleaning jobs, use the product undiluted.
  • Always test on the material before application.
  • Spray 1 coat onto dry or slightly damp material.


Dilution recommendations:

  • Dirty material+ = 1 l of product for 2 l water.
  • Dirty material++ = 1 l of product for 1 l water.
  • Dirty material+++ = Undiluted product.


  • On vertical surfaces, always apply from bottom to top.
  • Rinsing is not required, but removes the last residue. – If rinsing, wait 24 hours and use a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Before repainting or applying a protective product, the material must be completely rinsed off and dry (refer to the finishing product data sheet).

Tools Required

  • Low pressure garden type low pressure sprayer

Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


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