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Net’Guard® Eco Degreaser is a multi purpose, ready to use cleaner. It is specifically designed for cleaning, maintenance and daily service of all washable surfaces.  It is a power cleaner that removes all kinds of stains and dirt. It will remove grease, food stains, ink and nicotine stains. Keep your surfaces clean and healthy with Net’Guard Eco Degreaser.

Net’Guard® Eco Degreaser is quick and easy to use. Simply spray it on, leave for a few minutes, then wipe off with a cloth. No rinsing required!  It dries quickly without leaving marks.

Net’Guard® Eco Degreaser is food safe, complying with the French Order of 19/12/13 relating to the cleaning of materials which are in contact with food.  Although Net’Guard is food safe, we do recommend rinsing food preparation surfaces or wiping with a damp cloth after application. This will remove any trace residuals of the cleaner (and the stain it removed).

For heavy oil and grease staining consider Guard Cleaner Eco – Soiled Floors. It also has food contact compliance!

Are your bench tops staining easily? Protect them with a Food Safe Sealer like ProtectGuard MG Eco.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 6 × 29 cm



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  • Hyperactive and multi-use cleaner
  • Powerful degreaser
  • Eliminates all kinds of stains from washable surfaces
  • Does not alter even fragile materials
  • Food safe
  • Water Based, non-toxic product

Tools Required

  • Lint free, soft cloth


  • Use neat, do not dilute
  • Carry out a preliminary test
  • Spray the product to the surface
  • Let act several minutes
  • Wipe with a lint free, soft cloth
  • No rinsing required except for surfaces in contact with food


  • All wipeable surfaces
  • Outdoors & Indoors
  • Marble, granite, smooth or crystalised materials, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc, brass, galva, stainless steel, plastic tarpaulin…
  • Ideal for worktops, walls, floors, stairs etc

Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet


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