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Super AntiGraffiti Guard®




Super Anti Graffiti Guard® is an innovative graffiti protection product.  This single component, ready-to-use product provides long term protection against graffiti or tags of kinds (paints, inks, felt-tips, markers etc) for a wide variety of materials.

Super Anti Graffiti Guard® provides permanent protection for the surfaces treated.  It resists several dozen cleans and does not need to be reapplied after the graffiti is removed.  The graffiti is cleaned using fresh water (and preferably a high pressure cleaner).  To remove recent graffiti a cloth soaked in water may suffice.

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  • Protects against water, oil , stains and graffiti
  • Does not form a film, lets the material breath
  • Odourless and invisible: does not change the colour
  • UV and frost resistant
  • Slows down ageing and makes maintenance easier


  • Porous materials: natural or reconstituted stone, concrete, terracotta, coating, etc.
  • Floors and facades
  • New or old
  • Internal or external
  • Recommended for patios, drives, pool surround areas, walls, gables, tiling joints, etc.


Preparing the material:

  • Apply the product to a clean, dust-free, grease-free and dry surface. To remove stains and traces of pollution use Guard Wash®, for grease stains, use Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors and for traces of efflorescence, laitance or grout film, use Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement.
  • Rinse carefully until the surface is free of any trace of cleaner.


  • Use the product in its pure form: do not dilute it.
  • Shake the packaging well before use and carry out a preliminary test.
  • The material must be impregnated up to saturation in a single coat or two coats”wet on wet”.
  • Do not overload the material, remove any excess before drying.
  • On vertical materials, apply from bottom to top
  • Protected drying: 24 hours.
  • Optimal efficiency reached after 7 days.

Tools Required

  • Low pressure sprayer, roller or brush

Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


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