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Creativity without limitation! Our stains provide long term protection with an impressive range of colours and effects such as metallic, sparkle, iridescent and luminescent options. 

But they are so much more than just cosmetic! They repel water, oils, stains and even graffiti. Our products penetrate into the concrete so it retains it’s natural texture and ability to breathe. Our treatments cannot flake or peel and mineral based pigments ensure colour fastness.

Take your project to the next level with
Guard Industry Products!


With our four product categories, we can offer a complete range of solutions for protecting, decorating, consolidating and cleaning materials. The categories are easy-to-identify with a simple colour code for each type of use.

remarkable protection performance with inorganic pigment for tinted coloration of materials
tinted stains that protect against oils, water, stains and graffiti
ProtectGuard High Jewellery Range in amazing finishes!
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