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At Guard Industry we have the right sealer for your stone.

It may seem like we have a lot of sealers, and at first glance they all look similar. I promise you that they are not. To start with we have 3 main trademarked names for our stone sealing products – ImperGuard®, ProtectGuard® & GuardHardener®. Let’s take a closer look at these.

ImperGuard® sealer Logo



ImperGuard® is our hydrophobic stone sealer range. This means it’s a water repellent and therefore it’s fantasticImperGuard stone sealer at solving water related issues from humidity, infiltration, acid rain, erosion, freeze/thaw cycle, moss & lichen growth. It’s also great with repelling stains from wine, sauces and other non-oily liquid spills. We have some brand new ImperGuard® coming in 2021-22 so keep an eye out for our self cleaning range!

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ProtectGuard® is our all rounder range of stone sealers. These are hydrophobic and oleophobic sealers, this means they protect guard stone sealer repel water and more importantly, oil. Not many penetrating stone sealers actually lower the surface tension enough to be oil repellent. Please ensure you see samples first if oil repellency is important to you. ProtectGuard® also repels solvents, this means that inks and solvents in graffiti products can not penetrate into the stone so graffiti can be removed without leaving permanent damage from a ProtectGuard® sealed surface. There are a few different ProtectGuard® products and I explain why below.

Guard Hardener® WO Logo



GuardHardener® is our consolidator + protection range. These products are a 2 for 1, and are generally used aroundGuard Hardener WO StoneSealer pools as they harden and consolidate materials providing increased protection against chemical attack and physical abrasion, while also providing protection similar to ImperGuard® and ProtectGuard®. This combination of attributes makes it an ideal treatment for all porous stone that is exposed to harsh conditions. It is perfect for protecting paving around swimming pools, restoring and protecting old stone monuments and for fixing stone that already has visible signs of erosion.


ProtectGuard® Range Explained

No one stone sealer is perfect for all types of natural stone and this is why we have a selection. Some are for more obvious reasons like a wet look or enhanced colour. Others vary slightly and this comes down mostly to the porosity of the natural stone being sealed rather than a finished look required and the area being protected.

protectguard concrete sealer logo



ProtectGuard® is our standard stone sealer, and we advise to use this on the most porous of stones like sandstone and limestone inside or outside. It’s water-based and incredibly effective for how simple it is to use.

ProtectGuard HD Heavy Duty Sealer Logo



ProtectGuard® HD is for Heavy Duty, meaning it’s slightly more durable and has greater resistance to abrasion than ProtectGuard® so it’s generally used on denser stone which is generally specified in more heavily trafficked areas like footpaths, drives and roads. ProtectGuard HD is amazing on bluestone and similar inside or outside.

ProtectGuard® MG Eco Logo



ProtectGuard® MG ECO is for very dense heavy stone like Marble & Granite. It’s another water-based product that is also food safe so it can be used in sensitive areas like food preparation or eating areas. ProtectGuard® MG ECO is the water-based sister of ProtectGuard® MG.

ProtectGuard® MG Granite Sealer Marble Sealer Logo



ProtectGuard® MG is again for Marble and Granite predominantly, however generally high polished, high gloss surfaces that are very dense. The solvent-base assists in the deep penetration of the sealer in extremely dense stone.




ProtectGuard® WF Premium is our Wet Finish penetrating enhancer. It brings out natural colour in stone without the shine/gloss finish and slipperiness that comes with gloss. It is delivered into the surface by a small amount of eco-solvent base.


I hope this has not only helped you to understand our sealers a little better and why we have the range that we do, but also to help you understand stone sealers in general so you can feel better informed next time you are asking questions on the best stone sealer for your surface. As always at Guard Industry we are always here to help so please feel free to give us a call on 1300 249 767, send us and email at or complete a form on the contact us page.Environmentally Friendly Cleaner


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