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Wall Sealers

Give your interior and exterior walls the superior protection they deserve against the sun, pollution, graffiti, and other stains with our ProtectGuard® and ImperGuard® wall sealers.

Plus, they’re easy to apply and maintain, so protecting your walls for longer is simpler than ever before.

Because ProtectGuard® and ImperGuard® are both eco-friendly, you can protect both your property and the environment, making them a truly win-win solution to your wall sealing needs.

Get Superior Protection for Your Walls

Why choose ProtectGuard® and ImperGuard® to protect your walls? That’s because these products help you to:

  • Protect a Wide Range of Surfaces
    Our products give your walls exceptional protection against water, humidity, UV light, as well as a wide variety of stains, including dirt, graffiti, efflorescence, and grease-type stains.

  • Maintain Surfaces Easily
    Because our products keep nasty stains off your walls, they’ll be easier to maintain. With ProtectGuard®, all you need is clean water or a pH neutral cleaner to get rid of stubborn dirt.

  • Get Long-lasting Surfaces
    ProtectGuard® is effective for 10 or more years, ensuring that you get maximum protection against the environment, moss, lichen, and frost for a long time.
  • Apply Wall Protection Easily
    Applying ProtectGuard® and ImperGuard® on your walls is as simple as painting them. All you need is a good old brush, a roller, or a low pressure sprayer.

  • Help Save the Environment
    ProtectGuard® and ImperGuard® are non-toxic and highly biodegradable, have low VOC, and free from harmful solvents so they’re safe for you and the environment.

Ideal for a Variety of Surfaces

Our wall sealers are designed for a wide range of surfaces.

Protect Your Walls Today!


  • Bluestone
  • Concrete
  • Stone cladding
  • MPC type layer
  • Limestone
  • Natural Stone
  • Engineered Stone
  • Bricks
  • Render


  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Roofs
  • Porous materials such as:
    natural stone
    and cement

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